Manufacturer of Synthetic/Petroleum Lubricants.

We are manufacturing specialty, synthetic as well as petroleum products such as Synthetic High Temp. Chain Oil, Synthetic Gear Oil, Spinning Oil, Synthetic/Semi Synthetic Cutting Oil. Petroleum products such as Cutting Oil, Gear Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Vacuum Pump Oil, Compressor Oil.

At Synthomaxx, our fundamental to our success in business, is our commitment to maintain technological leadership and being a member of community where we operate, we care about our neighbor’s health, safety, and environment.

We are leading manufacturers of synthetic speciality products as well as petroleum high performance lubricants. We engage in discovery development and commercialization of lubricant in any of all consumer sectors. At our works every product goes through testing procedure and every stage under the surveillance of highly qualified and experienced personal for the quality conformation as per national and international standards like ASTM, IS, SAE, ISO, API, JIS etc. We undertake controlled laboratory tests under simulated conditions.

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