Dry Film Lubricant

A dispersion of Molybdenum Disulphide in a fast drying solvent system with a minimum amount of binder. The resultant film has superior adhesion and exceptional wear life.

Temperature Range: -74°C to 400°C
Moly Spray

High performance aerosol that is particularly effective as a "running-in" libricant compound with molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) and other solid lubricants

Temperature Range: -35°C to 400°C
Multipurpose Lubricant

Universal maintenance product for all electric and electronic equipment: displaces and seals out moistrure ,protects against corrosion and oxidation and libricates and cleans, at the same time.

Moly Paste

A low friction assembly aid containing a synergetic mixture of solid lubricants.

NL GI Grade : 0
Temperature Range -25°C to 450°C
Gear Guard

Extremely stable suspension of uniform, micronised, molybdenum disulphide particles, in a highly refined oil concentrate

NL GI Grade : 0
Temperature Range : 196°C
Autoconer Spray

Mild lubricant based on Synthetic Oils for application involving Precision parts where sliding parts of minimum tolerance are present.

Anti-Corossion Lubricant

Syntho-57 Anti Corrossion consists of a multiple organic inhibitor system in a paraffin oil bases that prevents rust and corrosion by displacing and sealing out moisture and by forming a continuous protection barrier against water and oxygen. It penetrates and lubricates.

Co-Contact Cleaner

Precision Cleaning Solvent For Electronics, A mild, stable and inert cleaner meant to clean highly sensitive electronic precision equipment. It is used for removal of light contaminants, dust, lint, moisture, atsopheric or light oils.