Synthetic High Temperature Chain Lubricant

Excellent for stenter frame ovens, ceramics production and glass production. It is equally recommended for paint curing ovens, paper manufacturing, plywood production and can also be used as a bearing lubricant in high temperature environments.


The advantage of this product make it an ideal high temperature lubricant for providing lubrication under operating conditions of high temperatures and heavy loads as in chains of:

Textile Stenter Machines

Plywood and Paper manufacturing units

Glass works and foundries

Ceramic and Latex Plants

Paint & Varnish curving ovens

Chains operating under water & steam attack

How to apply:

Clean and de-grease chain completely of old grease and Varnish residues. Apply the lubricant initially for around 30 minutes to allow complete penetration to all points, Re-Lubricate as necessary. Do not mix with other lubricant or solvents.


Colour Density Viscosity@40°C Flash Point Pour Point Carbon residue Evaporation loss 200°C
Pale Yellow 0.965 180-210 CST Above 280°C 25°C NIL Less than 1.5% by weight.