Synthetic Gear Lubricant

HSO-400 Series gear lubricants are designed for all gear boxes. PAO (SHC) Base

Viscosity :100,150,220,320,460
Temperature Range : -42°C to 250°C
Synthetic High Temp Hv Lubricant

Recommended to use in high speed or highly loaded drives and control chain, open gears, low speed, enclosed gear & worm gear drives. PAO (SHC) Base

Viscosity : 2000,4800,7000
Temperature Range : -8°C to 250°C
Synthetic Worm Gear Oil

Useful in heavily loaded mechanisms operating at elevated temperatures e.g. worm gears and calendar bearings . PAG Base

Viscosity : 150,220,320
Temperature Range : -36°C to 223°C
Synthetic Calender Lubricant

Preferred for the lubrication of gears and bearings operating at elevated temperatures, e.g. in calendar equipment. PAG Base

Viscosity : 150,220
Temperature Range : -36°C to 223°C