Synthetic Spindle Oil

Indirect closed heat transfer systems up to 325°C.For best life it should be used at or below 300°C for continuous operation.

Synthetic Heat Transfer Fluid is made by "Synthesis" process. A particular short lenght of Straight and Saturated Chain of Alky group is been reacted with particular Aromatic to produce Alky Substituted Aromatic.

Alky Substituted Aromatic are base oils for Synthotherm Fluids. Due to its deterioration rate is reduced by approx half.

Aromatics are well known for their solvency effect Presence of aromatic group Synthotherm provides self cleaning property Kinetic Viscosity at 40°C of Synthotherm Fluids is 19-23 cSt as compared to 32-36 of Mineral base thermic fluids. Lower viscosity will increase heat transfer rate.