HVG GRADE 120 / 160
Synthetic Mechanical Vacuum Pump Oil

HVG Grade 120/160 Synthetic Mechanical Vacuum Pump Fluid is formulated with premium synthetic tri-ester technology. This is high quality, long life fluid tested several times, longer in use than mineral based oils.

It is fully formulated with non detergent additives, designed for use in rotary vacuum pumps, inherent lubricity and good conductivity which allow it to reduce heat and energy consumption.

Performance Features:

Resist foaming, most inert to moisture rust and oxidation inhibited, readily separate form water, long life extended drains, completely ash-less hence no formation of slug. This is recommended for rotary vacuum pumps.


HVG Grade Avg. M. W. Vapour Pr. Viscosity @40°C Sp. Gravity @22°C Flash point
HVG 120 < 540 @25C 1x10-7 torr -4 @100C 2x10 torr 120 CST 0.838g/ml 249°C
HVG 160 < 546 @25C 1x10-7torr @100C 2x10-4torr 160 CST 0.989g/ml 260°C